ErinBaby's Snaps

favorite spot :)
we have an audience.
Oxy hugs the moon goodbye.
Catching oxy off guard :)
You were warned....
Okay, this is just getting ridiculous. Where's a complaint card?...
Oh no, quicksand! I would save you, but my eyes seem to have gone...
My front lawn is swankier than your front lawn.
hehehehehehe :D
I AM the seedy underbelly of the subway.
*squishes toes in sand*
At least we're not alone.
HAHAHAHA yes oxy, me too.
*does a weird dance shaking my fists to the side in a limp-wrist...
I'm sorry your time has ended early, Piggy. The devil will escort...
I like when we match, WaldyPants. I'm sure going to miss you.
Apocalyptic slumber party.
a little more than a lot, and a lot more than a little. <3
Preparing for the end of the world.
Yes, we do zubers.
I <3 my friends.
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