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New: three sizes of Varaeth for your convenience
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One too many bacon jokes
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A thank you
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I came to the party. It was hard. But I managed to fit it in....
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She knows how to play
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Whatcha doin', Kuke? (Sorry, I HAD to do that.)
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Fyo Daycare
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Coaxing The Rube
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I'm as freeeeeeee as a biiiiiir.... WTF?
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A Super Classy Place
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Planted some corn, hope it grows.
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Story Time! :)
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My security system is working! Now to lure Herp here. mwahahaha
Getting the late night taco stand ready...
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This is pretty much the greatest moment in my life.
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oh i m a lumbejack and i m o k :)
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Changed the ears and discovered the corks make awesome teeth,...
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Happy National Bacon Day!
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now THAT'S a home street!
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When I first moved in. "Butler Love"
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Ummm... KINDA!!
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Pleased to meet you, Mr. Shovel and Ms. Hoe.
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Houston, we have a problem.
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The creature from the black lagoon!
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Cereal Killer
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Best Stoot quote ever
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