Clary Sage's Snaps

I love us! #porkfondlers
the last time <3
bucket list: ruuuby!
butterflies and memories on notes
so many people
more people I met
People I met and stuff
I suspect the guy in the coat
gonna miss you, Poppy (and the Yogscast butterflies...)
what is even going on
Venet Root #porkfondlers Memorial
chilly place for nekkid me
happy zilloween, ghostie
l'enfer, c'est les autres
warm and cozy!
can't help but feel there's someone behind me.... (ghost #3!)
second ghost
first ghost
Mac made us an office! The chicks are not impressed.
No Clary, that's pie
sleepy sleepy cebarkul
I'm so darn cute when I'm sleeping >_>
in binary, presumably
I feel so tiny
my co-worker took me to hell on my second work day