Snaps liked by Jikuu

This would've made a nice Zilloween unlockable.
Taken by Little Poundcake
Finally, peace and quiet. Away from those jabbering featers.
Taken by Eek
Taken by Varaeth
Tableflips unite?
Taken by CuCN
It's a Miracle!
Make a wish...
Taken by StarLumina
Idle dreams
Taken by The Idle Dreamer
Pickle Decoration Complete!
Taken by StarLumina
Rube ambush!
Taken by Lolly Lives
Mutant giant Jack!
Taken by LisaNH
Taken by Thaumatrope
Dancin' with the greedy street spirit!
Taken by Ishtar
So vintage, yo.
Taken by Shorouk
Not in Kansas anymore...
Taken by StarLumina

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