max_champlin's Snaps

The End :(
Old school train action :D
Wow a dev!!! I hear talk those are quite rare critters :D
2nd whoot!
I did it :D go me :D
no my new fertlizer aint people >:) lol
me sammich >:D
Me getting ready to leave footprints on Taztaboo's new body paint :D
Crumpets studio! Come on by and pose for the crowd!
on ur head!!!
Sassy britches
I poo on yer floor!!!
Here we observe the new species of tree pig.
Here in this rare cave painting, is proof that girl glitches do...
I have a blue house with a blue window.....
Proof that mining was indeed done even in the before time
Back in my day we had to chase the pigs.......
MAKING FREAKING METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unpacking a moving box often leads to madness......
this is what happens when a cubi crate explodes!
On ya head again :D
I'm on ya head lolz!!
I will stand on your head whilst you sleep slackers lol
HR3 preparty
HR3 pre party at stoots house
New layout 2
New layout 1
Me standing round :D