Jeasilver's Snaps

Well! Its a little too late for them to they wake up! The world...
Juju's hideout! Cool!
The Horse of doom!!
Mouaaaaa!! XOX Thank you for the great game!...Me Dracula, am...
Lots of love in this Glitch train!
She never listens to me! Now look what happened.:(
Watching TV till the sun goes down! Then its Supper time!...
Dracula is on the prowl
Mouahahha!! Dracula!! M4 I am coming to bite you!
Making Rainbows on the Isles!
Get me out!! I promise to be good from now on!
what happens if I feed the piggy some crop?
Awesome place!
Flatearther fell in and drowned!
I have been waiting for such a long time for TS to put some...
Are these beautiful colors really here or is it the mushroom...
On top of the world.
Organized Mess!! Contest has started!
I know I am dead, but you two can still fight it out!
Will I get back up there?...or will I have to stay down here for...
ALL eyes on you contest- Primuary 6, Year 26
Follow me, I know a way outta here! Shhhhh be quiet!
That is what happens when you use too much hair Jel.
Where is my whip? He is not mining fast enough! Stoot said more...
Geez good to know that o_0
Wow Volcanic activity!
I lost my Heart in Glitch! My Heart will go on. I Heart you...
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