Heck, no place to put signs! SDB naming please, pretty please??:) :)
I had to put signs, I was so sick of forgetting what was in them... I really hope they change it soon too
9 years ago
Been on my knees for the past week now praying to OMG! to get the SDB naming capability. Then frigg! OMG! disappeared on us!
9 years ago
I forget the name and price of what was in the sdb - I hope TS will let you know what you collected currents from.
9 years ago
How can you not tell what's in them by just looking at them?
9 years ago
Dopple, its once they are empty that it becomes a problem.
When restocking, trying to figure out what has been sold out is a problem. If the SDB had names i.e.: meat, or purple cone..etc. then you could see at a glance what is needed to restock. Also your prices would still be there.
9 years ago
Just screencapture a fully configured display unit and use that as photo reference surely, I do that to see which ones I need and keep it in a side window with a basic image viewing package for quick reference.
9 years ago
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