Jeasilver's Snaps

Hell stole all my colors!
New is going to be hell without Glitch:(
How I wish upon a star.. that Glitch would not die. How I wish...
Uutif..out of this space!
awwww:( just seen that now. So long TS. Thank you for everything.
far far away! in the distance I see something!...Looks like...
This feeling of...«Have we met before?»
HELP me!
Hoping that bubble does not burst!
LMAO pooped me out of its ass!!
Woot Jesus & the toothfairy paid me & beblueberry a vist!...
Tower name is: Glitch Specimens.. very cool idea!
I have no clue how it got this way!
Calm night out, awwwhoooooo!
On top of a snow hill, all covered with snow....
On top of a snow hill...
Zilloween party
Look out gnome here I come! oooo I hope I don't land butt first...
Bats come flying out of the cave!!!
OOO very nice! Love those colors.
B.T.C. Room #3
Autum quest reminiscing
euhh missing part of my glitch WIndow; lag lag lag
Another project on Ur street. lol..pst..its a know bug.
House snap contest
Pretty little blocks:) took them all out to play:)
nice graphics in Jal. I imagine someday instead of having...