Jeasilver's Snaps

we got it right this time
This game is PREPOSTEROUS!!
Always looking away1 Cant look directly into the Giant's...
Projects on Ur Streets now? Bug or new thing?
Strawberry Fields Forever
As George Harrison, Here Comes the Sun.
Sloth detective.
Upgraded furniture on sale
Floating Poop? Too much Levitation?
Woo hoo Am QUEEN of HELL««««!!!
Epic Blowout PARTY!!! we all got drunk!
Awesome music !
New Quest:) woot1
Ohhhh! I got a cold and my nose keeps getting bigger & bigger!
I shuck too much Yellow Crumb Flowers and the Doc. just told me I...
Ha!! Chickens wink at you now!
My Rook's nest bed is in the Tree ..;)
Helly pay your electric bill
OHHHHH! I was wandering where those snaps from everyone else came...
Yes,!! I can now see what got me into the money!...euh currants!
Veevee has been in Cebarkul for such long time tha tshe has...
lol should I proceed with caution??
ooo ya, look at my claws! After a day at the Spa they look...
ground scraping..looking for worms!
Neck strechting! (p.s.: hope its how it is spelled.)
Holy Toledo!, did a tornado come in my back yard and take part of...
yay got the chick & the trophy
Poor Glitch!...Told him not to come here to often and always be...
Helly...Stoned again 0_0?