Jeasilver's Snaps

Oh happy day?
Slip slide
Beam me down!...Made it.
Abymal Thrill!
bippity bop!
Yay Cloud rings!
Wonder if rube will be more generous up here?
Eeeeekkkk! 2 sets of eyes...I hope you had lunch already..:)
Lazy pig!...No harm came to the piggy in the making of this snap,...
I never though I would have a Dept store right next door to my...
Heck, no place to put signs! SDB naming please, pretty please??:) :)
Nice Lobby in your tower Armi! But I hope no snakes are hiding in...
My IPad..:P
Coffeesnob doing magic tricks again!!
Ok now what is the purpose of those darn rocks?
LEVEL 60!!
Plunge into ROCK MUSIC!
1rst floor living space, Storefront, 2nd floor bedrooms, 3rd...
Pinched & flattered my way to Level 59!
Spotted some spys!
Laughed evily!!!
«Here lies Hellyeah!»...I got back at you for dropping bird poop...
All Veevee needs now is a parachute! She's into sports for sure!
All Veeveekol needs now is a Surf Board!
My butler, dancing for me.:)
Finaly started decorating! June 01/2012
He is sleeping again!