JHarris' Snaps

My house and cute butler
Secret room in Mezzanine.
Double Rainbow party location
Lots of gameshow wheels
the End is Neigh
Rook attack
Miner Jail
More Snool
Chick Cubimals on a ladder in Groddle Forest
Snow castle
Cute igloo and background yeti
The SnoCone vendor
Cold here, saps energy
Pig Archeologist
Keys spawn in the world to open locked doors.
Inside the tower
Abandoned tower, formerly used for player housing.
At least they opened the "Coming Soon" door.
A bunny. Why? Because bunny.
Beginning of minigame "Operation: Grow"
The Gameshow Wheel
Oh, real mature guys.
Subway 2
Subway 1
What is that big stone head thing in the background?
Notes left by sad glitches
The "top" of the big tree in Downside-Up.
Most of the way up the Downside-Up Tree
Midway up the Downside-Up Tree
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