JillyBean's Snaps

3rd floor kitchen experiment
2nd floor temple - normally selling emblems here but sold out
first floor spice apothecary
decided to take some updated snaps of the tower floors! the Lobby
love it!
There's no one around, make me a deal!
Inspired! Another tower floor complete (maybe), now what to sell...
the scenery moved.....the collectors didn't
hiding on my new home street :)
the new first floor - the Apothecary :)
the Rube is in the spirit of the thing....
I just stumbled on this incredibly weird......something going...
the Lounge lobby with some new changes...I feel like I could do...
Get your own damn breakfast!
alone in Cebarkul?
the first time I've noticed this
I finally did it! All that effort and the grammar really bugs me...
still no goddam door here wtf stoot?
I totally farted in my brother's face
I've been sitting on this thing for weeks....Y u no hatch?
Whose leg do I have to hump to get a sliding door here???
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