Apophenia's Snaps

One of my recent visitors filled the entire length of my street...
Never noticed that little detail on the tree trunk before!
Playing the game. :)
probably my first and last journey
Building the Tower of Memories. Just noticed this: if you enlarge...
Group photos in Ur~
last cubimal badges party :c
Almost. But not quite.
Spice grinding on the moon, I dig it.
So crazy! It's like confetti.
Covert operations.
Stoot stops by the party to show a new Glitch around.
Doing the parade achievement. Probably the most people who will...
Beautiful new area unlocked by the feat (:
I call this one, "blarging in hell."
Blarging at the vendor. Blaaaaaarg!
At home with the rock & my butler, Aloysius.