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Mining: I can't even look at an outcropping of Sparkly without...
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Now I know where to take Moira when she logs in again!
What did I do with the 150+ bears I got for my birthday? I built...
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Icon of Frog?
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Standing Ovations!
RAWR! The Croppa Dragon and I are friends. Maybe too much...he...
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Validation. Finally!
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Ha ha! You blinked! (douche)
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My tower's new lobby.
Taken by Jope
My Zubes-Diablo Cover Band
Taken by Uncomfortabelia
Never forgotten
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In Memoraim
Taken by Osiris ?
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love love love
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we'll miss u zubes!!
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for the love of Zubes
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The Spaghetti Museum is now open to the public!
Taken by Yeti Spaghetti
A lot of love
Taken by Jope
Random Kindness pretty much sums her up.
Taken by Jope
Loam for the people! Come to the LOAM DEPOT!
Taken by El Buzzard
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Awww. Someone prettied my house! Love the lone cherry by the...
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