Lyn Frog, Esq's Snaps

Ice Nubbins are so sparkly!
I see an exit sign, but you can't make me leave.
Wait, I meant here. Can I live here?
Can I live here?
I feel a little Phryne Fisher today.
Suck it, Rook
Did everyone else already post this sort of snap? I'm a cool kid!
So many nibbled rocks today.
Warming my feet on the steam.
Uhm, you have a little something on your face...
There's a lesson in here for all of us
I seem to have thwarted this one.
oih noes!
Grumpy crab.
Hells Wheel
Still waters run deep (I'm so witty, really I am)
Scratching my butt at the dead... Respectful!
Oh lordy, my brain is going to hurt, isn't it?
Crazy death cults...
I'm a rainbow!
I never mourned on a roof before!
Almost the Southern Cross. Flipped, though.
Green waters and lurking stones
Seriously dude, I'm pretty sure that glass is as clean as it gets.
I wonder what made the giant angler fish extinct
Found SimplyFrozen in the snow...
These mushrooms look lickable.
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