Lyn Frog, Esq's Snaps

I want to go and gambol on those hills!
I think the big ghosty mountain thinks he's hiding behind that tree
No I am not standing on a side table. I am LOOMING. Fear me!
Purpled up at the party
Sleepy Glitchen at the Trick and Treat Party. I shall pelt them...
Pumpkin tree.
Working on my "Seasonal Glitch" display.
Love the lanterns on the roof!
I've got a luvverly bunch of.. pumpkins
The Dentists of Ur recommend eating all candy gained. I recommend...
Candy party!
Put on the pumpkin head and I go all evil...
Oh that's hardly ominous at all...
See Saw
Aaaaand now I'm hearing the voices of the dead. That can't be good.
Ah, so that's how peat is made.
Buried my toes in the sand.
No, because I live in Australia and only the freezer ices up.
I believe I can flyyyyy I believe I can touch the skyyyy
This looks like our old holiday spot from my childhood. Also...
This is a pretty place
I see t he moon and the moon sees me
These earthy foresty fungusy places make me happy
Ah, the crisp mountain air.
A ghostly helper
Nifty decoration!
My eyes look amazing down here, I should die more often.
Getting my mucky feets all over the nice clean sheets.