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Taken by Glitchman
one last time in neva neva. I was finally able to trash the place...
Taken by MadHatter
<3 you, Glitch.
Taken by Gwynne
I see you, wee candy cane.
Taken by Gloopy
Fucking Winning
Taken by Osiris ?
Martha My Dear and I are trying to figure out whatever shall we...
Taken by Eleanor Rigby
Neva Neva
Taken by Plez
I like these.
Taken by SeerQueen
When will Glitch be saved? When pigs fly!
Taken by Anthropocene
We sure caused a big stink
Taken by Boom and Bust
Obamas After Victory (2012)
Taken by JanaDear
A burst of friendly color
Taken by SeerQueen
Yay I finally got a picture of it this time!
Taken by Saraphim
so the lil bot is telling fibs? He isnt stuck here at all!!!
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I give you Clint Eastwood and "The Empty Chair".
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