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We make our own fun.
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My glitchen is visibly unimpressed, which is unfair.
we were just passing through...
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We shall end on a happy note :)
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...liquid super-hoe... still my favourite invention
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Finally... finished this quest!
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stoot dolls in meditation
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even jujus have a family <3
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going mental in mental space
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my words, man
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this guys funny ^^
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Crafty, you fucker. Why would you dump 480,000 green elements on...
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Best decorated Glitchmas Tree ever!
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stoot torture - session 1 - "re-evaluation"
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i was so busy looking at the stars i did not see the critters.
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Rooks dispose of their dead... uh, really inefficiently it turns...
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bad to the bone
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it wasn't my fault!
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this is so beautiful, and I was already impressed with Jal
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In the gloom's eternal night, my heart felt pangs of evil fright...
I wonder if this is a safe place to stay for the night...
My house is so creepy, people are just dying to get in...
Forever immortalized.
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