Poppy Fields' Snaps

Very cool!
Why, oh why, did I stay in the Bogs for so long?
Say what?
Oh, Little MaintenanceBot...I love it when you whisper in my fins...
And the moon shone down all around, all around, and the moon...
Wheeeeeeee!!!!! (yes, 5 exclamation's-worth of cute!)
Double Firefly Catchin'!
FINALLY!!! Only took me about 12 plunges to get 'em all!
OMGiants! So many quoins up my skirt!
What the...? Where am I?
Got my Jelli-Goggles on!
Still getting over my fear of heights...living all my life in the...
New Whirly Hat! Yay!
Holy iMG, Batterflyman!
Aw, boo! Over waaay too soon!
Fireflies that work in the daytime...those Giants are...
*glub, glub* So, when do we get waterwings?
No more rulers, no more books, no more Teacher's dirty...
Me and my B0tler, Zoiks!
Zoiks! and me, dancing!
Hmmm...to open? Or not?
Adios, my little green amigo! (Nice Star Trek reference, btw!)
...and the mists lightly kiss the branches of one small tree...
Teaching the chicken "downward dog"
From the top of Rekan Flux in Alakol....stunning!
Ha, ha! Can't get me!
It pains me to see the trees neglected so
All aglow in Plexus...where is everyone?
What would a chicken be wanting with MY dna???
Chicken entry fail!
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