Vonte's Snaps

Gotta Love this Feat =D
I love this road =D
SOMEONE (Gertie) let chickens loose in my hourse!
Greeting Area (Lobby) of Boggy Adoptions!
Boggy Adoptions is up and running! Come by and get your very own...
First Glitch on the Moon ^_^
Death by crab juice...*shakes head*
I Will Get Over This Mountain Eventually -_-
Another snap, without my head being in the way...(CECILY!)
Cubimal Display Area (2nd attempt)
My Cubimal Display Area (1st attempt)
Floating Vonte Mack (the cubimal) and I
Pheebs Moonwalking with Spinach buff!!!!
Mom, Lizzard, and I up high!
Beautiful Sky with my glitch MOM!
Pretty tree =D
My new friend and I in this mysterious room =D
Roger Dodger and I! Getting to know each other
Floating Sno Cone Cubi
How did this happen....
For the experiment!!!
Colorful Phools!
I'm going to miss this house D=
My bar area
Lantern party!!!
One more piggy on cec's back =D
Three way Piggy Back Ride