Jus?tin's Snaps

This thing's either superbly drunk, about to piss its pants, or...
What is this, I don't even...?
Game of Crowns in what was probably intended as a future new GoC...
Collectibles display - now with slight improvements. Also,...
May as well finally publish a snap of my entire house.
Eek! A ghost!
Hello, Craftybox!
Something to remember us by.
Obviously she didn't see what happened to the last person who...
Stalking her prey...
"You heard a Musicblock T-1"?
Auto-snapped? :o
Playing Game of Crowns with the AFLC frog.
I decided to do something silly with the floor of my tower that's...
Most unproductive quoin sharding ever?
I didn't mean bath time for ME! <_<
Finally, something different. Firozi was a good step in the right...
This is going to go well...
She must be using some new levitation skill or something.
Gwynne wearing the crown.
Biggest focusing orb attack ever. 71? :o
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