I made a kids bedroom! (and no that is NOT weird... I promise!!)
it would only be weird if you put the creepy ass philosopher dolls in there
9 years ago
* shudder *

Or a cage.
9 years ago
Osiris ?
Dolls = frightening, cage = A OK
9 years ago
You should only be concerned if your Glitch begins to slowly put on weight and develop a 'bump'. After all, it's not like they tell us about new features in advance....
9 years ago
I will be publishing a snap later... I swear I was going to do it already. Creepy that you all are calling me out ahead of time...
9 years ago
Shmoopie Kerfuffle
Nobody else said it...It is really cute! Adorable, even!
9 years ago
kids will love it! hell, *i* love it! can i move in?
9 years ago
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