And the lord said................ (finish this sentance!!)
"Do not worry my child I have not forsaken you, I was just having a cup of tea and a biscuit, you know I'm awfully busy up here I don't often get the chance to put my feet up and unwind. It's just one thing after another being God"
Spot on yeah?
10 years ago
this cross is upside down.....?
10 years ago
"Let there be Glitch Church."
10 years ago
Undercover Nun
... and I will raise you up on the wings of eagles. :-)
10 years ago
Voluptua Sneezelips
Given the church of which we're speaking, my guess is: "BALLSACK!"
10 years ago
Mocha Maid
...or 'BOLLARDS'!
10 years ago
"Yea and God said to Abraham; "You will kill your son Isaac." And Abraham said, "I can't hear You, you'll have to speak into the microphone." And God said, "I'm sorry, is this better? Check check... check. Jerry, pull the high end out, I'm still getting some hiss back here."
10 years ago
"Oh sure, make a lighted one and show it off like a new car. Why not? Try hanging on the damn thing for a few days then see if you want to make a neon wall decoration out of it."
10 years ago
10 years ago
A Predictable Fate
"God: Just fiddling around with the graphics engine servers. I'm going to boot you out in 60 seconds, then again in another two minutes."
10 years ago
* applauds all of you *
10 years ago
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