? elf ?'s Snaps

And more Blarging
More Blarging, right till the end
CAKE omm nom nom
Some quiet blarging in Moonlight...
elf and some flying blarg action, Autumn Day
Autumn Day in Ur
a. paper. tree. they talk in Haiku.
Pic of a Dino, somewhere in Ur
A rare photo of ASSLANDIA
just a shot of Ur
woot, and a plate of beans too! prisencolinensinainciusol!!!
my rare goodies
all my stuff in my Glitch house- wait not all my stuff but most...
Caught the trees blarging, naughty naughty trees! Blargs are for...
here is an example of gravity being bent in Ur, and usually...
Party at Old Model Home, Alakol, with friends and Rube.