Faranae's Snaps

see the feet at the top? guess who!
Goodbye house that I can magically enter even though it isn't there!
Um...where'd my house go....? Which giant was in charge of those?
Goodbye, my Open Air Museum!
Poor worker glitch!
Yeti avalanche?
Floating vendor takes on a new meaning...
Gnome creepiness... comfirmed! @_@
New Open Air Museum exhibit - theme is the End of Ur
A bubble tree once told me the world was the inside of a...
The closest I'll ever get to Hell. My goal that wasn't supposed...
Mysteries of the deep
A moment of stillness
Quiet beauty
I obviously love owls~!
Wasn't me. Totally the cactus
Why, don't mind if I do...
Hello, Sun!
I have no idea what the beans are about. Maybe I'm overthinking...
Spending all the credits they gave us...I'm not very good at...
Home pre-closing gift.
Pretty music!
Maybe I should put a bench in my yard...
So pretty!
Best lag bug EVER.
Documentary evidence of cruelty to piglets!
I'm in the story too~~~
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