Faranae's Snaps

My museum was ransacked. What's missing here are 4 wrapped gift...
And a Fara flew over the moon!
This probably isn't like the door of the wardrobe, is it...?
Rook hunting?
My freecycle zone the day after I got looted and had nothing but...
Leaping through a liquid sky!
Spelunking Butterfly!
Leap of Faith that injuries still aren't imagined yet?
I love how colorful a single moment can be on Lettuce's street.
I'm so in love with this view, I don't mind the height. I think....
And that's when I remembered I'm afraid of heights...
Rock is eyeing the competition. Is ze a match for a French clown?
Austerely beautiful Ur
Sloth Knockers performing where?!
Mr. Smoochie No. 8!
Freebie house!
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