Gordon Lughsen's Snaps

Harr! Amelia's asleep! Rook attack!!!
Me giving Leila googly eyes
My buddy and I out for a little walk
Daddy's home. . .
Rook Attack!
Party at Corridor 23
Pilgrimage completed
My Guardian Spirit
I love Summer's Day
Three Door Night
two doors in one spot!
Trisor's getting freaky in bed!
How have I never noticed this thingy before?
One of a kind "Elf Couch"
My foot got stuck in a hole in the log
resurrected after 3 days in a cave. . .what's with this halo...
nice creative way to make a bathtub with bubbles!
VeeVeeKol strikes again!!
at it again. . .
Near a Hole. . .while Fixing something. . .as Sergeant Pepper. ....
VeeVeeKol strikes again
Where am I?
good times in Hell. good times