Moirologist #702's Snaps

Sad.. a wintry world without hope of pretty springs.
Hide and seek. The end of the world can't find me!
Flying between asses
An intestinal disease? A mouse? A very fat bat?
Chicken cuddling!
My ornamental Zilloween garden!
So, chickie. How d'you like my icy etchings?
Ilmenskie Jones' Arctic cousin, Nebraska Jim!
Soooo pretty... Nottis just jumped near the top of my 'favourite...
Beads and artifact bits, ahoy!
beBlueberry's home among the butterflies.
A devo-tree of Spriggan today! Ahhhh punny. I should be a bean...
I'm a sea monkey!
I spy with my little eye... something.. green!
Swim into the light!
I think I can I think I can I think I can...collect more artifact...
Doesn't everybody walk in trees? Buggy follow thing! Floating...
I'm a tricolour haired beast!
And so it came to pass that in the month of Bruise, the mourner...
And so our intrepid explorer conquered the storm with big, teary...
Oh, the temptation of curranty jinglings. Yea, though I walk...
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