railroadbaron's Snaps

Surrounded by most of my friends.
One final teaparty with my Darling Daisy
The last time my annoying friend will bother me for mere trinkets
We meet again!
I want Rascal's little tie
Ren and Baron's Summer Camp
Papa Baron and his namesakes, RailRoadBacon and DustRoadBaron
My favorite room in my house
Our outfits scream adventure, but our eyes scream BUTTERFLIES!
Reminds me of my rl home. Except with nicer skies after snowfall.
She was as acceptable a friend as any I've ever had.
My mysterious dark patches.
The most awkward greeting I've ever recieved.
Ren and her healthy ego.
The hug patrol has arrived and brightened my day. :D
Look at Yeti's pickle.
Interesting. She can follow me but is still stuck.
Too trusting to even run at the mention of chicken murder.
Ren is stuck to this chicken. Someone needs to put away the super...
Damn not-exactly-square boxes!
As usual, Yeti's scamming on some poor, unsuspecting girl. Have...
Truer words were never spoke
LIES AND SLANDER! It was more to the right.
Railroadyeti meets Robobaron.
Dinosaurs are obviously not great conversationalists...
The Art Critic Kitty visits with his entourage.
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