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Homage to Humbaba (minus ZM)
Homage to Humbaba
For pouchification purposes.
The beginning of my Homage to Humbaba.
Party at the Hell Bar at the end of the world.
Oh Hell.
My outfit matches Hell.
Thank you, Humbaba.
Riding the subway naked. With my hair in curlers. Like you do.
But not quite.
Feeling wonder, almost.
Double Rainbow and gumdrops and candy candy candy...
Ain't no party like a Zilloween party cause a Zilloween party...
Blinded by the light
Ansel Adams would have liked it here.
The ever hungry maw of Zille.
Nothing weird going on here...
Now this is more like it. Inexplicable and dangerous.
I never counted on my inner mind being pink and orange.
Poor Gwendolyn.
I love this story.
Amidst the majestic alpine scenery and fauna.
You can't see me.
That's right.
What am I in for now?
I love this view.
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