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Visiting Doctor Yum Yum's Crafty Bot Retirement Home.
Taken by Nanookie
Taken by Nanookie
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conga line! I am going to miss these folks.
Taken by Nanookie
Greetings from Craftybot Retirement Home!
Taken by Doctor Yum Yum
Spreading Love
Taken by David Hasselgoth
Ur Gloaming.
Taken by Princess Fi
Ridin' the Sleepin' Kitteh!
Taken by Princess Fi
stoot torture - session 1 - "re-evaluation"
Taken by awesome sauce01
neat-o top floor in this tower
Taken by Cloudyhead
tink.... tink..... tink....
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Working hard on my Potion making skills. I have a test tomorrow...
Taken by Miss Parsley

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