Whatthehay's Snaps

One last time....
Better than just looking at our butts!
Five little Glitches, all in a row....
Last day party
James and I with the horseman.....
The end is near......
It's that damn horse guy again!
It's growing into the giving trees!
Those beans on the floor came out of my nose!!!!!! Ick
Main floor tower last day
Upstairs tower on the last day
The tower on the last day....I had had so many plans for...
Backyard on the last day
And my bedroom, all starry. I made all the rugs here too.
I was so proud of my kitchen....all the storage, the running...
My house last day
My street last day #4
My street last day #3
My street last day #2
My street on the last day
Thalia's goodbye presents.
Good bye notes every where
Rook Cemetary
The Rube
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