Whatthehay's Snaps

Conference on the footstool
These potato heads are everywhere!
Something's growing on the food!
Big gutter. Somebody ought to fix this part of the road!
Glad this warm fire is here. The doors all go to no where.
Absaidd Walkway
That girl can sure fly. :-)
Don't know what these green things are, but they are interesting...
No, but probably not long afterward, Sir Horseman.
OMG - it's one of the fore horsemen!!
Look at all the Stoot dolls! Oh my.
Starting one last time at the Vortez....Bliss
Wheel of luck
Lookit all the fish!
The arch
Chasing the fish one last time....
I don't need these any more..... :-(
Looking at the sky in Ix.
Uncle Friendly in Ix :-)
*Now* where am I?
Getting weirder.....
I think I'm on a BAAAD trip!!
Freaked out cactus
Area 42!
All this stuff is in the tower, but I can't reach any of it....
So, where am I *now*?
All the doors say their portals have not been determined. Can we...