Whatthehay's Snaps

In an ice cave.....brrrrrr......
I found a sleeping kitty!
Over looking Curling Lake
Curling Lake
Owl in the winterlands
Moon in the cold lands.
Portal to the new lands....and two heli-kitties. :-)
Another shot of Balarama
Balarama....good thing I can swim and breathe underwater!
The new place....
Petting the kitty!!
Love the ceiling lamp in the bedroom.....
The new stove and rug I made. :-)
The Summer House
On my way....
My new headband. Pretty.
New decorations
Oh Hell. I died squeezing chickens!
Feel like I need a bath, after that!!
Getting ready to "beam up". Ick.
Just inside the dinosaur's mouth heading for the "gulp"...
Wood tree, another egg plant, another veggie garden for growing...
Barnacle grower, jellie grower and firefly hive. Front yard....
Here's the vapor tree and two stones in the front yard.
Here's the front veggie garden. The gnome on the right had...