Heatseeker's Snaps

HARMONIX tower, floor 3: Zilloween museum
Grendaline is back into Ur
Just... wow! Amazing views from our past.
Esquibeth of Inari
Father Winter, is that you?
Lovely and relaxing
HARMONIX tower, secret project in the works. What could this be? :)
Puzzles in the light
It would be... a sad, sad world
Alien invasion in Cebarkul
HARMONIX museum, floor 5: Old ro0k & new rook museum,...
Invisibility potions, try 2
Amazing what an invisibility potion can do :)
Translucent 0 items SDB
Old and new style ro0k furniture, HARMONIX museum 5th floor
And the moral of the story :)
The greedy street spirit... I can almost feel the moral at the end
Old style Giant am1cability potion, and ro0k side table displayed...
HARMONIX tower, 2nd floor: Rare scripts, and scripts to forgotten...
HARMONIX floor 4: Herb Route Diaries, a beautiful story about...
HARMONIX toy museum updated
For some reason, this tree freaks me out
What's this tiny glowy specter with arrows?
The machine is on!
Stampeding piggie herd!
So, finally we meet!
My point of view
Ayee! My eyes!
Tree cubimals? I want one!
No exit? Hope the guy's friendly at least...
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