Kate Priestwood's Snaps

One last picture of my family.
This is my favorite shrine to Lem. I will miss it so much.
Nothing will ever be as blissful as bouncing in such a beautiful...
I wish I didn't just see the end of things.
Love you, my Glitchen friends.
Smile, no matter what, smile.
Maybe if I hide, the end will never find me.
I bet they will tell the End Times that it has to wait.
Not even sure what that means . . .
Lem gave us the ability to travel and teleport so we could see...
I think this one may be drunk.
Forehorseman is stepping on a pig.
The omen dudes have a lot of stuff to say.
End of Days
I met with Grandma Juju.
My Shrine area. Lem is at the top, of course.
I really hope that cat doesn't wake up. I look like a chew toy.
A cold winter's day in Ur.
An empty creek bed in a new area of Glitch. One of the notes...
Another place where people have come to leave their goodbye...
There are no words to explain how much I will miss this place.
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