Dr. Babycat's Snaps

Almost camoflaged...
So peaceful at the seashore...
Mining by the light of the moon.
Flying high!
Candy giving in Cebarkul - Happy Zilloween!
Lovely moon tonight.
Ummmm...., whahuh?!?
weirdness in MH!
Here's blarg in your sty.
Close enough!
Teddybears in hell! =O
Into the light...
Nice coat, Mona!
Loving scenic Kloro!
Love this tower room.
So tiny...
So beautiful!
house party badges...
Chaos ensues as we try for house party badges.
Hand boulders the distance. Love that formation that shows up...
Another night of purple and I wake up in Club Ur'ges. Typical.
Hands off the hamhocks, buddy!
Me & Angiboo - locked out of the fox habittat
Stop by the Kittendrome! Something for everyone!
The Waiting Room