Dr. Babycat's Snaps

Schrodinger's, tinture and cocktail bar. Where everyone knows...
Designor looks at bargain basement prices!
The marvelous MeowMeow Room's Musicalistic Musiquarium!
The Go Cat, Go! Adventure Travel Agency is now open!!
Juju stalking me!
Summer's day....
Levitating chickens WITH MY MIND!
Hangin' with Bits at 30 Bacon-O Plaza.
Shakin' my moneymaker at Club Ur'ges
I dream of peatie
Floating in the effervescence...
Sweet formation...
Zubitis and Erin Syndrome outbreak in Cebarkul!
So lovely!
Radial Stars!
Where's Bruce?
Where's Bruce?
Where's Bruce?
Party at Mom's
Party at Mom4.5's!
weirdness in the new lands
Oh, the possibilities ahead!
Black cat crossing my path...
Fly me to the moon!
the zilloween constellation