Romper Roo's Snaps

dnner with the giant
sniff sniff
making words
Lost dream home
glitchy funness
Serenitycat's last party!!
So this is swimming with the fishes!
I will miss these beautiful sights.
The tide is coming in.
I do believe this is my favorite vacation spot!!
Dont fall on my head.
Sleeping like a baby...
Cleaning house. : (
What a lovely glitchy view.
lost celebrates 60.
Lost hits 60!
lost tower
back to normal
Good times at Rini's.
Feeling like part of the holiday dinner.
Nice kitty kitty.
feeling so small in a glitchy world.
This must be glitch heaven.
In the Vortex of Randomness.
Awww, i hear a GNG
Now all I need is a van.
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