Rube Goldberg machine
Voluptua Sneezelips
You are a clever monkey, sir.
12 years ago
Wow, that's fantastic.
12 years ago
Smiling Flounder
tisk tisk tisk. how can you have a RUBE goldberg machine and not incorperate a RUBE mask or RUBE shaped potato.
(still compleatly awsome though. i like the part were the chiken stops moving)
12 years ago
Melismata Rookwood
I want there to be a rube cubimal positioned at the top such that setting it in motion results in the beheading of the chicken!
12 years ago
This should function!!! We should let you guys make these that function!!! I will not rest until we let you guys make these that actually work or if I get really tired! But really, I think this is super.
12 years ago
12 years ago
ZOMG Go Kukubee Superpowers!

Awesome as usual, Fyodor. :)
12 years ago
Osiris ?
Yes yes yes! We need working things.
12 years ago
Yesss, the Incredible Glitch Machine! Even if we just had a puzzle level or Seam street where they worked, it would be awesome!
12 years ago
Animal cruelty! But ingenious animal cruelty, at least.
12 years ago
Another amazing creation!
12 years ago
Piece of Serenity
All that grumbling paid off, Fyo! It looks great!!!
12 years ago
Look at the chicken and the axe! :D
12 years ago
I can't look...I know what will happen to that chicken!
12 years ago
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