Miss Parsley's Snaps

Bad robot!
Working hard on my Potion making skills. I have a test tomorrow...
Oooh la la!
So pretty!
So pretty, even if the sun gets in your eyes :D
Hey, you, get offa my rock! (apologies to Mick Jagger)
mass die in :)
I really want to swim here :)
Can I make it?
A very beautiful place, but cold :)
It's a beautiful night :)
Standing on the clouds :)
the camera has taken me to some interesting places :)
Sleeping wind :)
Do you ever have another go, just for the fun of it?
for my records
For my records :)
HELP, I am trapped behind the cupboard...
Doesn't Hell set off my new hair colour beautifully? :D
Hard at work with my assistant ;-)
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