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And I stood, contemplating the end of the world. Beauty and...
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The not so distant end. Achingly beautiful.
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wow o.O
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Was there always a door here? It goes to "Distant End"
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Cave glitchen~ we need ancestors on ice. In ice?! Chilling.
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So lonely....... :(
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Complete Artifact and Necklace Collections : )
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More of Kitty's Mosaic's
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Kitsune Kyomoon's TeaParty
Taken by Zael
Kitsune's Zilloween Mosaic
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Kitty Kritter's Mosaic
Taken by Zael
Taking down the gnome invasion, one at a time
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A Rare Sighting
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Hangin' with the gang in Umbra
Another new region in the works.
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My new Time Machine - 2012 here we come!
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Swimming in the sea, at Mitra Shelf.
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the train!!
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Yes. Here. Here is where I wish to live. In the Society of...
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Take *that*, Koftun-juju! I leap you in defiant celebration!!
maybe I'll just stay here until this new feat is done...
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'Join the Club' quest in development
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Such a pretty view. The art never ceases to amaze me.
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Probably the first time in my life I've wanted to work retail.
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Destination anywhere! Got the decor somewhat in order.
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