Yeti Spaghetti's Snaps

Kukubee and Brandi snuggling. :)
They look kinda pissed.
This is all that will remain in my house.
Yetis in their natural environment. Also, stoot was there.
This seems like a good place to die.
Last trip to my favorite spot.
Papa Yeti
Just found this up in the mountains. I have to admit, it brought...
Going to miss this art.
I can *almost* reach the handle... but I think this calls for...
So pretty.
OMG my house has yetis on it! :D
My precious yetis, oh how I love them!
I <3 you, Trisor.
Choo choo!
The yeti train is about the leave the station! We just haven't...
Ahh what a beautiful view!
This gnome is up to no good.
Yeti splatters all over the place...
Flying fish
Impersonating Kukubee.
Finally getting to do this quest. So lovely!
I have Halloween-ified my street and my look. My butler approves,...
I'm in a painting!
That's just cruel.
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