Yeti Spaghetti's Snaps

Just how the Giants imagined us.
Wheeeee! Streaking through Stoot's shrine!
Hey Rube, my face is UP HERE!
Getting ready to go streaking across Ur!
A rare two-headed beast spotted in the bushes.
Flaming hat!
Snuggling up with my bear and going to bed. Good night Ur!
The Spaghetti Museum
The Spaghetti Museum is now open to the public!
Sno cone love!
"Totally empty for now," eh?
High five!
Ludwig enjoys a million-currant kiss while Ayn Rand sulks in a...
Oops, I chopped another hole into the giant tree...
Keeping RoboYeti's chicks busy.
Hanging out with my bear. Don't mind the dork in white.
Ever wake up and find yourself in a ghost town?
Aww Iconoclast needs to be petted, not pounced!
Yeti sandwich!
Ayn Rand does not make for good dinner conversation.
Hey! My foot's almost the same size!
Doesn't he know it's dangerous? He'll set the house on fire!
Stuck in limbo
Aww he's blushing!
Stood up on prom night. :(
Yeti prom!
My dream house!
House was hungry again. Fed it some cloudberries.