Aglet's Snaps

Classy, jessy.
It's good to be with you, here at the end of everything.
Goodnight, Groddle. Love, metafilter.
It's the end of the wURld as we know it. :(
I'm going to miss my house. Goodbye, house. Goodbye, rock....
I will miss little Aladdin Sane.
It all looks so peaceful from up here. But it's peaceful down...
I'll miss you, Craftybot.
KANYE sings for us
Nekked train!
Hidin' in the grass.
Bye. Hearts. Bye.
On the last day we said bye instead of hi.
Plexus train. <3
Chillin' in Plexus at the end of the world.
Last day.
It's like being in Pepperland.
Yellow Submarine Street.
Snool Train! <3
Kaos, indeed!
seam explorin
To be fair, this is what Phix and WW are all about.
Feel the love. FEEEEEEL IT.
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