Dahlia DreadNaught's Snaps

It's almost too sad to stay...
...and to think that once, not so long ago, there was a mad rush...
So many choices!
I Lobe You, Glitch!
Someone 'round here's good at drops! Nice firefly placement!
Wait, what?!
i heart you, glitchen!
Ummm...she KNITS?!?
so many things...so little time!
I heart this place!
I guess we can sleep now...
The Cebarkul Cilliness Continues!
Awww, you guys!
Battra Brigade!
High flying cubis!
where will i go for my eye candy fix now?
:,/ I shall miss this feeling of wonder
my butterfly net. again.
love. just. love.
This is where I found my very first Cubimal, a firefly I believe,...
Me...and...my YETI!!!!!!
Well, that was a relief! He's so damn cute, I think I'll just let...
I remember what happened the *last* time I opened a box....
Most of all, I'll miss surprises like these ones...places of...
Crying and flying
Do I go in?
I'm gonna miss seeing chickens in the snow *sniff*
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