jerk nugget's Snaps

MY EYES (or, A Terrible Place For A Stick)
jewish intestines!
that bubble's gonna blow...
i know this is "gross" and "juvenile" but...i...
today's special: buttcheeks.
i'll save you bro!
shh, i think we're alone now...
THIS IS JUST THE CUTEST THING (...also, i take photos of people...
it's not easy being green.
this is hardly safe driving!
awwww yiss. get it frog.
omg, this snow is just so...snowy! and these stars are
had to. how could i not?!
cool! (ah? ah?)
lookit what i found...
no thank you.
now, just to get out some matches...
herpin' and derpin' in a winter wonderland...
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