jerk nugget's Snaps

i live here now.
the caverns have little to offer me but the vendors sure are cool.
ain't nobody here but us chickens...(don't mind the tiny door to...
well this can only end poorly...
going up
me, rock, george, and the dirty dozen. good times man, good times.
what am i up to? oh nothin'...
good, good.
accidentally died while picking potatoes. so lame.
anyone got a parachute?
the ears on this new panda hat are A+.
it sure is.
jerky in the sky with diamonds.
backyard ghost is thrilled to be here.
WELL I NEVER (or, a fine how do you do)
goodbye good knock off this scheme to free all your...
it's perfectly safe, fox, i swear.
THAT FACE. that's the one that gives me the creeps.
hush your mouth!
i love the projects in this tower!
the portal was an accident...i swear.
back off my bits bro!
welp, here goes nothin'!
cubimal wall is coming along nicely. yes, *rubs hands* good, good.
rollin' in the deep, etc.
eat live drink sleep dream booze