jerk nugget's Snaps

alone in room 23...
using my first machine! much energy...
meeting this dude in the back alley. sketch.
i made a mess :D
sara...i watered your wood tree. he was, uh...he was pretty happy...
i'm gonna jump!
awww yiss, treehouse time.
tasting the rainbow with derp!
breakin' shit on the lost floor! shh...
tripping balls in aranna, like you do.
telescopes. too good a photo op for me to pass up...apparently.
me & uncle friendly. we cool, we cool.
trust me, you'll just have to see for yourself.
no! those poor wrizzards :( but on the upside, a chicken doing a...
i need to stay in this room in real life. forever.
*someone* got their lips all over my floorboards...
omg, derp brought ilmenskie jones TO MY HOUSE!!
it's starting to take hold...