Reserved One's Snaps

Bye UR - Gegnar, Eek, Vul, RO and Cinn
mmmmm Vul is thinking (Thornfad Layers in Groddle Heights)...
What a hoot this has been.
Our last picture all together before the end of Glitch. Love you...
Geezzzz, a solo performance. Just for me? - Northwest Passage in...
Are you following me?
Seems everywhere I am, this horse appears! - Oktyabryain Uralia
No kidding, me either. - Groddle Forest Junction in Groddle Forest
Thanks to new Tii icon. RO is happy.
Groddle Forest Junction in Groddle Forest
12 End of my back yard looking east toward my home....I will miss...
11 so empty here
10 Only had 1 butterfly in my backyard...he is gone now too.
9 Final day, still hoping to get 1 more Giant to iconize.
8 Out to my back yard, walking west
8 Simple but just right for me
7 I have enjoyed my humble abode
6 Bye little piggies, thanks for all the great steaks and seeds...
5 walking west on my home street
4 Thanking my butler named "Confused" for his devoted...
3 Feeling a bit lost today
2 quiet stroll
1 Last walk down my street....east to west.. farewell my chickens
Mmmmm, have never this this portal before. (it led me to Jal) -...
Leaving my bag of keys for someone else.
Cloud Flight...and I am my own pilot.
Party closet at Mazza'la Gala
Snapped too late. Had 3 going at the same time at Cinn's house
I understand someone wanting to be "part of the crowd but...
Look Cinn...Sol & Eek match the couch! - at Stoot Barfield's...
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